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Monday, December 5, 2011


Ok so I am such a slacker.....but here goes! The holidays are here and in full effect at our house.
India Turned 7....OMG i cant believe she is growing up so fast:(
Halloween was fun. India was Frankstein Daughter. we went out to truck or treats:)
Then Thanksgiving was here.....we had lots of food and hung out with some great family here in Texas but I was a Little home sick because this is the first year every I wasnt with my fam in NV and out here in TX they get a whole week of school off for Thanksgiving.....CRAZY!
But All is good. India loves her primary class.....she is on us every week to go, such a smart little girl:)! Now we are all decorated for Christmas....decorated not done shopping. Leslie took our pics for 2011 they turned out awesome. India is done with cheer and wants to do tumbling and volleyball. We are still looking for some to do riding lessons though. India is doing good with piano. Well in a nut shell that is what the past couple months have been like. oh and me working working working!!!