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Friday, September 9, 2011

Cheerleading, School and everything else!!!!

Ok Peeps I am back up and ready to write a new posting!!! So The girls had their first game they cheered (uniforms not in yet) They did so good and were so loud!! (video will follow at end of Post) Then India started her first day of 1st grade..........she is getting so big:( She is enjoying school so far! Me I am just working and looking into starting my school back up in the winter! India also started piano......she likes it but informed me I need to find someone out her to do horse riding lessons!!! (she misses riding with Alex) I am really missing my family right now and wish I could be there for my sis Ja as Thomas is gone , but They are both in our thoughts and prayers!! The girls sent Uncle Thomas letters before he left for Deployment and are ready to send him another!!! Here are some Pics!!!! Enjoy:) So I have tried and tried to upload the video of the girls cheering and it would not I will post it on facebook!!!