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Thursday, April 5, 2012

I pRoMiSe To BlOg MoRe!!!!



Monday, December 5, 2011


Ok so I am such a slacker.....but here goes! The holidays are here and in full effect at our house.
India Turned 7....OMG i cant believe she is growing up so fast:(
Halloween was fun. India was Frankstein Daughter. we went out to truck or treats:)
Then Thanksgiving was here.....we had lots of food and hung out with some great family here in Texas but I was a Little home sick because this is the first year every I wasnt with my fam in NV and out here in TX they get a whole week of school off for Thanksgiving.....CRAZY!
But All is good. India loves her primary class.....she is on us every week to go, such a smart little girl:)! Now we are all decorated for Christmas....decorated not done shopping. Leslie took our pics for 2011 they turned out awesome. India is done with cheer and wants to do tumbling and volleyball. We are still looking for some to do riding lessons though. India is doing good with piano. Well in a nut shell that is what the past couple months have been like. oh and me working working working!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Cheerleading, School and everything else!!!!

Ok Peeps I am back up and ready to write a new posting!!! So The girls had their first game they cheered (uniforms not in yet) They did so good and were so loud!! (video will follow at end of Post) Then India started her first day of 1st grade..........she is getting so big:( She is enjoying school so far! Me I am just working and looking into starting my school back up in the winter! India also started piano......she likes it but informed me I need to find someone out her to do horse riding lessons!!! (she misses riding with Alex) I am really missing my family right now and wish I could be there for my sis Ja as Thomas is gone , but They are both in our thoughts and prayers!! The girls sent Uncle Thomas letters before he left for Deployment and are ready to send him another!!! Here are some Pics!!!! Enjoy:) So I have tried and tried to upload the video of the girls cheering and it would not I will post it on facebook!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Work and Summer

So I started my new job at Labcorp. I like it so far and its only about 20 mins from my house. India has lost both of her 2 top front teeth and has one on the bottom ready to fall out. we set up a pool in the back yard and the kids have pretty much lived in it. I signed India up for the library reading program and she starts cheerleading in about two weeks. We are getting back in the grove of me working, thankfully Leslie is here and watches her for me. We are going to try and go to the zoo and to hurricane harbor in the next few weeks so watch for blog post.Well thats all for now just a quick update!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last Week of School, Family and a Birthday Party

So this last week was really fun and busy. It was the last week of school and India had her field day obn Monday, she got 1st in the 75 yard dash and 2nd in the hoola hooping. we had lots of fun but it was very hot! Later that night we had some very special guests show up......Grandma Grandma, Grandpa Grandpa and Uncle Jared. Tuesday was India's end of the year awards and she was excited that gma and gpa went. She got perfect attendance award. Then on wednesday was her safari day so she got to dress in her zebra print outfit......(thanks to her aunt ja she loves her zebra print)Wednesday was also Lily Mae's 1st bday. Thursday I kept India home from school so she could spend the whole day with the family since they were leaving friday morning. We had Birthday party for Lily and Tina, Love, Sheena and Amir came over. The boys had practice and came later. friday was India's last day of school, she was really upset that gma and gpa left before she got up and it made for a rough day at school. On saturday we went to Tina's Company picnic and then to X's basket ball game. Sunday I was feeling a little under the weather so we just stayed home. I start my Job with LabCorp on the 13th so I am trying to get rid of this crap....i dont know if its allergies or a cold but it sucks. Well thats all for know!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Texas We have arrived!

Ok I know it has been a while since I I thought it is about time to update the few followers I have:) So we moved.... yes moved to Texas. So Far so good! India is enjoying her new school and her friends. She also is Loving that her brother is right down the street along with her cousins. I am still in search of a job:( but hopefully soon I will have one. India and Layla are getting ready to start the Texas Cheerleading thing....I guess its a pretty big thing out here. But she has let me know that she is still going to play Basketball like her brother! So the trip out here was long and I thought it was never going to end...........I will never take that drive again!!! BUT we are here and ready to start this new adventure. Although We miss our family SSSSSOOOOOOO Much! I am looking into Nursing schools out here and plan on starting in the fall.
The weather out here is crazy one minute it is hot and humid and others it is rainy windy and cold! The kids love going to the water park and riding there bikes and are excite
d for some summer time fun and the zoo and other amuesment parks out here. India received an award at school for best effort! She also Got her hair braided, YAY! I also Got a new washer and dryer! Its so Nice:)
India had to do a building tht would be in the community so she did one of her school with a playground. The girls are sharing a room so they got to choose how they wanted to decorate their side....of course India chose Zebr print and Pink, and Layla picked Princess. We are enjoying spending time with our family here and catching up with the boys!
I will be keeping my blog up to date:) atleast trying!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An official Logue!!

I will be writing more and posting pics this weekend but for now just wanted to Announce that India is officially Logue!!!!Yeah!!!