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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Loose Tooth!

Ok so this morning I was taking India to my mom's like I do every morning and she decided she wanted a piece of she put it in her mouth and 10 seconds later said she was done with it. That is very unusual for her so I asked her if something was wrong she said no so she spit out her gum, after that she was really quite and then all of a sudden she started screaming with excitment, " MY TOOTH IS LOOSE , MOMMY , MY TOOTH IS LOOSE!" Well I couldn't check it right then because I was Driving but when we got to my mom's I checked her tooth and sure enough bottom front right tooth was loose! She has been asking me for the past 6 months or so when she was going to have a loose tooth and here it is. It was so cute to see how excited she made my day! She is growing up way to fast! Now I Know why she didnt want the gum!