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Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 2010

Its all Fun and Games this month from Gymnastics to Museums. Leslie and I took the girls to the Lied Children's Discovery Museum in Las Vegas....we had so much Fun! The girls played in an airport, bank, grocery store, car repair, bubbles, the tornado tunnel and the chair lift where they had to seat in a seat and use the rope to pull themselves up to the top!

India is involved in Gymnastic @ Flex it Gymnastics, they are doing fundraisers to help Keep the gym open as part of that they had a picture fundraiser for the kids. Here are just a few of India that were takin that day! Gymnastics and Riding Horses are India's passions that is all she wants to do, she gets so excited when she gets to do them!! It would be such a shame if Flex it was to close, there are so many kids in the community that are involved.

As for me nothing has changed since Last month still working and being a MOM...It has its ups and downs but the ups make it all worth it.....I couldnt ask for more, I am Truely Blessed!!